We are dedicated to helping those who are hurting.

Anyone who has been affected by domestic violence, human trafficking, homicide or any other violent crimes.

We want to restore hope, safety and freedom from violence.

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We genuinely believe that everyone deserves a life free from violence. Safety and confidentiality are high priorities. If you need help, we’re here for you.

How you can restore hope and safety for others


Why Don't They Just Leave?

I recently attended a women’s leadership conference.  It had all of the things my inner introvert doesn’t quite love - dancing, actively meeting new people - you get it.  On a break, I had a woman say to me, “I’m really blunt and I just have a question.” You know, how people say ‘no offense’ right after saying something really offensive, as though that gives a free pass?  It was like that. She then proceeded to utter these words to me, “How do you handle that? Someone coming to you, after getting the sh*t beat out of them….[...]