We are dedicated to helping those who are hurting.

Anyone who has been affected by domestic violence, human trafficking, homicide or any other violent crimes.

We want to restore hope, safety and freedom from violence.

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Any time, any day – call us.  Always free, always confidential.  We’re here for you.

Professional Staff

Our advocates have gone through many hours of training to best serve all victims and survivors. They value your trust.

Compassionate & Confidential

We genuinely believe that everyone deserves a life free from violence. Safety and confidentiality are high priorities. If you need help, we’re here for you.

How you can restore hope and safety for others


The Season of Giving Is Here

Holiday season rolls around once again. And once more,you’re hit by charities left and right asking you to give. You might wonder if it’s even worth it. Does my money even make a difference?

Consider what the holidays look like for you and your family: steaming hot turkey and perfectly smooth mashed potatoes; stockings hung over the fireplace; the smell of hot cocoa wafting through the kitchen; kids’ delighted laughter; bright lights, reindeer, and wreaths everywhere you look. Add in the stress of buying the perfect gifts and scheduling all the activities, and you have the[...]