People Are Hurting; They Need You

In the 30 seconds it will take to complete this sentence, an average of 12 people will have been raped, physically assaulted or stalked by an intimate partner.  Let that sink in for a moment. When you wake up and brush your teeth (dentists recommend 2 minutes), that’s another 48 people. When you spend 15 minutes eating breakfast before work, that’s another 360 people.  If you work a standard 8 hour day, than from the beginning to the end of your work day, that’s another 11,520 people. 

It's staggering when you consider the number of people who are harmed by an intimate partner in relation to our normal, everyday activities. The amount of people in need of help is extremely large; and we can only do so much. 

This is why we need you.  Abuse by an intimate partner is widespread; and it’s a serious problem.  Not only is it happening in every community in the U.S., but it’s happening right now in your community.  It could be impacting your family, even if you don’t know it.  It’s impacting your coworkers, your neighbors, your friends, children in your schools, and so on.  The problem of domestic violence is vast; and the resources to combat it are limited.

We need you to donate.  There are not enough financial resources to reach and help everyone.  If you can make a donation, we need you to give. Every gift - no matter the size - will have an impact on people in need.  We need more financial assistance to continue fighting the good fight against domestic violence. And when finances aren’t working against us, our time is.

We need you to volunteer.  Our time needs to be spent helping people.  To spend more time doing that, we need volunteers to help with a variety of other things that need to get done. Administrative tasks, cleaning, fundraising support, outreach - you name it, we could probably use you to do it.  So if you don’t have the means to give financially, you can give your time. Volunteers are the heart of our agency. We could not thrive without them.

The bottom line is this: hurting people, many of whom you know, need you.  They need us too, and we’re doing our part as best as we can.  We can and will do more, though, when you step in where you can.  Whether that’s through financial gifts or the gift of your time. You may not see the direct impact of your gifts, but please know that we do and it’s more meaningful than you could ever imagine.

It means SO MUCH to the mom and her three children who can finally sleep peacefully at night, without threats and violent rampages lurking.  Or the children who have found comfort and relief at their meetings with our child advocate at school. Or the family who is working to put the pieces back together after their son was killed mercilessly by an acquaintance.

We could go on and on with stories about the impact YOU have had with your gifts of money and time.  But right now, we need to get back to doing what we do best - helping those who are wounded and broken find new hope.