The Season of Giving Is Here

Holiday season rolls around once again. And once more,you’re hit by charities left and right asking you to give. You might wonder if it’s even worth it. Does my money even make a difference?

Consider what the holidays look like for you and your family: steaming hot turkey and perfectly smooth mashed potatoes; stockings hung over the fireplace; the smell of hot cocoa wafting through the kitchen; kids’ delighted laughter; bright lights, reindeer, and wreaths everywhere you look. Add in the stress of buying the perfect gifts and scheduling all the activities, and you have the holidays most of us know. But the idyllic Christmas scene that floats in our memories is not the norm for everyone.

At Family Crisis Centers, we work with individuals and families who have very little. Due to violence and crime- no fault of their own- these families have lost everything. The holidays, for them, might look very different: a couple of cans of donated food, crying kids with clothes too snug and worn out; overnight shifts to make ends meet; angry outbursts; a bare apartment or hotel room; nightmares of the trauma they endured. Add in the stress of overdue bills and no money for presents, and you have the holidays many of our clients experience.

We don’t live in a world of equality. Poverty is not some far off concept like world peace. It’s real, breathing, feeling human beings in our communities. It is children, women, and men who don’t know where their next meal will come from. People who work second or third jobs to provide for their families. Violence strips them of their normal lives, homes, and security- and they’re doing their best just to survive.

When people flee from violence, they don’t have time to plan everything out perfectly. They don’t have huge savings accounts or PTO at work they can use. Often they don’t have a car or a place to stay. At FCC, we step in to help meet those needs. We buy bus tickets to get a survivor to a safe location when he flees in the middle of the night. We send an advocate at 2am to the hospital to sit with a young girl doing a sexual assault exam after an attack. We provide the funds for hotel stays, gas cards, and other necessities to get survivors through a crisis.

Our staff is dedicated to serving victims and survivors of crime. We promise to be available 24/7, 365 days a year to help those in need.  But we can’t do that without you.

This holiday season, we ask you to sacrifice a bit of what you have to help those who do not. Help us do the life-saving work we do. Help us bring a little hope to a family who has lost it all.