Your Gifts Make a Difference

We host fundraisers, send special letters, hand deliver Christmas cards, and so much more.  Why?  Why do we ask you - the general public, the business community, the church community, faithful supporters - to donate to us every year?  Sometimes more than once a year?  The answer to that goes well beyond balancing a budget.

We ask so we can change lives - and many times, save lives too.  When our grant funding doesn’t cover all of the costs to get someone to safety and keep them safe, we can’t just stop helping.  We can’t say “sorry, we’ve run out of funds, but you can try again next year.”  For too many of our clients, next year might not come. They need help now because the threat to their life is so great, they may not survive without it.

So… what do those funds help us do?  How are they life saving, exactly?

For many, it’s a bus ticket.   A bus ticket to get them into the arms of family who will love and support them. The same family their abuser has isolated them from, making every effort to sabotage relationships in an attempt to cut off any possible support.  

For many, it’s a hotel night.  It’s 2 AM and we’ve just gotten a call that we need to respond to a domestic violence crisis situation. Our advocate gets out of bed, quickly dresses and heads out the door within 10 minutes of receiving the call.  Our advocate arrives on scene to meet with the victim.  She still has blood running down her face and bruises covering her body from the vicious attack. She has barely managed to escape to the neighbor’s house to call 911.  It’s not safe for her to go home.  So at 2 AM we put her up in a hotel, where she can have the security of a locked door, the comfort of a hot shower, and access to a phone.  She can get some rest before we meet the next day to talk through options and safety plans.

For many, it’s for the kids. It's a new start at school.  It's getting back to a sense of normal.  Well child checks and dentist appointments are no longer overshadowed by violence.  Assistance with daycare helps in job searching and stability.  Access to snacks and meals eliminate food insecurity.

For many, it’s a chance to rebuild. Help with job searching, having been prevented from ever having one.  Assistance getting a new place to call home.  Securing a vehicle.  It is rebuilding independence that was stripped away.

Sometimes it's whatever is needed to recover from the real life nightmare of  unexpected tragedy - homicide.  Being there to support as long as needed, often spanning years.

Sometimes it's ensuring there is ALWAYS someone just a phone call away -  having staff available 24/7.

It humbles us to ask you time and time again to write us another check.  Know that we appreciate your consideration and gifts so much.  Know that we are asking with good reason and put your donations to good use. Know that we can not carry on this life-saving and life-changing mission without you.