Grief and the Holidays

Holidays are difficult to navigate after suffering a loss.  They often force you to realize how much your life has changed after losing a loved one.  The way you handle loss is as unique and individual as you are. The most important thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to handle a holiday after losing someone.

The holidays will likely be different so it may be best to approach them this way.  There may be old traditions that no longer feel enjoyable. There may be responsibilities you held in past years, but feel you can no longer handle. Just know this is okay. It is okay to avoid circumstances you don’t feel you can handle.

Find ways to honor and remember your loved one. Try doing something you and your loved one enjoyed doing together. Or, do something you know they enjoyed doing during the holidays. Do something that reminds you of them. The importance is not in how you remember them, but that you are taking the time to remember and honor their memory in any way you see fit.

During the holidays, allow yourself to feel however you need.  Allow yourself to feel joy, sadness, anger, grief, or any other feeling.  Be gentle with yourself. Take care of yourself. Draw comfort from others. Don’t do more than you want and don’t do anything that does not serve your soul and your loss.

If you need someone to talk to this holiday season, we can help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Staff are available just to talk if that’s what you need. You can call 1.800.382.5603 or text IOWAHELP to 20121.