What We Do

Advocacy at Health Clinics

Integrated Advocacy Services (IAS) is a program developed by Family Crisis Centers to make services for victims and survivors of crime more accessible.  We partnered with three area community health clinics to place advocates on site.  Our IAS advocates offer screening and advocacy services in the medical clinic setting, offering a very confidential and discreet way to seek services.  A benefit to our clients is the ability to mask their appointment with our advocates as a medical appointment, allowing many clients to seek help and support without raising concerns with their abusers.  Currently, we have advocates available in clinics in Buena Vista and Clay counties.  Our IAS advocates can serve any victim or survivor of crime in the highlighted 17 county area.  Some of our clients have been victims of domestic violence (children, women, and men), sexual abuse (both children and adults), war crimes, stalking, bullying, human trafficking, and more.

Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with an advocate at one of our clinic locations?  Please call us at 1.800.382.5603 and we can connect you with the advocate closest to you.

Are you a medical or health services clinic interested in partnering with our Integrated Advocacy Services program?  Please call us at 1.800.382.5603 – we’d love to talk!