What We Do

Is This You?

Are you forced to perform sexual acts?

Are you not free to come and go as you wish?

Is your money controlled by someone else?

Does anyone isolate you from your friends and family?

Does your employer force you to perform sexual acts before you can receive your paycheck?

Does your employer force you to work long hours for little to no pay?

Are you unable to leave your job when you want to?

Has anyone ever hurt or threatened you if you try to leave?

Has anyone ever threatened your family if you don’t do as they demand?

Do you live with your employer?

Does someone else have your passport and/or identification?

Do you owe debt to anyone?

Have you ever been deprived of food, sleep, water or medical care?

Do you need a change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are ready for a change, please call us.  Our advocates are here and ready to help you.  We can talk through options as well as any resources that might be available to you.  The first step is to reach out.  You can call us at 1.800.382.5603.